Sunday, June 26, 2011

This past week~

Here's Conner when we are on our way to dinner with some friends, he's
rockin some blue gel streaks in his hair :)

After dinner in his friends, Awtry's, car. He was very excited to ride in a convertible
back to their house! This last Friday night Conner got to spend the night at Awtry's house because it was Awtry's brother's birthday party, it was his first slumber party at a non family member's house :)

The next day we went straight from Awtry's house to a birthday pool party for Conner's other good friend Will. It was an awesome party and perfect on a hot Saturday!

fun tricks!

cake time~

Will and Conner (besides their eyes being different color, I think Will
looks like he could almost be part of our family!)

The boys :)

Finished the party off with a couple pinata's!

Monday, June 20, 2011

My hubby is back - so thankful for unseen changes :)

37 weeks :)
And below is Conner with the chain we made and decorated to count down one for every day
Mark was going to be gone. ( I guess we'll save it for something else)!

So as most of you know Mark left Friday morning for his officer training camp in Washington. Well as of Saturday he was trying to get home. I don't think any of us could have predicted what a short trip this was going to be. Mark has left many times, and we have always done fine apart. I think Conner and I had prepared a lot better for him leaving, and really I was as fine as can be with him having to go for 23 or 24 days. Anyway, long story short, Mark got really home sick, and with me about ready to pop at any minute I think he was really feeling like he needed to be home at this time and for the summer. So we picked him up this morning after he flew in on a red eye, and Conner and I are of course super excited to have him back :)
Prayers for tomorrow would be awesome, we have two long separate doctors appointments. Not only will that be exhausting, but we are hoping that Lincoln has rotated and is in a head down ready to go position!

Friday, June 17, 2011

So it begins......

So today was the day that Mark left...we really enjoyed this week together. Mark and Conner got to enjoy seeing a 3D movie together and we all went to dinner and dessert last night. Our countdown begins, about 23 days till he returns. Conner will have a hard time with him gone, especially since Mark is normally home sooo much, but I know he will be fine and the time will pass quickly :) Only about nine days till one of his favorite Aunts comes to stay for 10 days!!! We can't wait to have Nicole here! Then the other favorite Aunt, Kayla, comes for a few more days!!! The Mark will be back, so it's not to bad with all the fun visitors. That's all for now, wish me luck as I'm here with this silly 6 1/2 year old, and please pray that these next 9 days fly by with ease :) I will try and post again either Tuesday evening or Wednesday and report about how my doctor appointments go on Tuesday. Hopefully this little guy is head down, but not ready to come out yet :/

Thursday, June 2, 2011

We have a name!!! (and other new things) ~

So first things first... we have finally decided on a name for lil boy number 2! We have had a lot of options since the beginning and have slowly been narrowing it down. It's really one of the only names that all three of us like. His name will be: Lincoln Woodruff Blackwood
We ALL love the name Lincoln and for short we might call him Linc, or some other made up nick name :) Woodruff was Mark's Granddad's name, who passed away when Mark was small. So that's it! It feels soooo good to finally have a name for this lil bugger and be able to call him something!
We went to my (supposed to be) last specialist appointment on Tuesday. Everything looks really great, we got some awesome 4D images of his squishy little face. He is weighing at least 5 pounds at this point, so he is definitely healthy in weight :) The only bummer is that he is laying sideways...he has been head down for a while now, so we thought he would stay that way, but I guess not. I'm doing some exercises to try and get him to flip and we are really hoping and praying that he does. We still have some time for him to make his way down so were not to concerned yet. So I will go back in in about 3 weeks (when I'm about 37 weeks) and we'll see if there's any progress. Otherwise they can try and rub/ work him down. And worst case scenario is I will need a C-section... I REALLY REALLY don't want a c-section, but as long as Lincoln and I are healthy that's all that really matters. So prayers for his rotation would be awesome!
So on a none baby related note :) Conner is enjoying his summer break so far like crazy! We pretty much live at the pool and he is growing gills. Even with high SPF he is now looking part African American :) Today we had a bunch of boys over from school for a pool party, so that was awesome for him to get to be crazy with his friends!
We are all moved into the new place, and it's great to have some more space, and to be able to set Lincoln's cute room up! Conner loves his new room, not only is it bigger, but he gets an awesome view of the pool and tennis courts from one of his windows :) And we are all three enjoying our time together before Mark has to leave on June 17th, he will only be gone for a few weeks, but I know both Conner and I will miss having him around all the time. We are so thankful though that he has been on break since May to be able to do so much for us, making it nice for me to not have to do anything, and playing with Conner and being super involved with everything he has going on. That's all for now, I'm sure more posts to come soon!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kindergarten Performance & Field Day!

Conner was in the Kindergarten performance on Thursday night.
It was so cute and they all worked so hard making it an awesome play!

Conner was an Army Ant :)

marching in the isle.

Everyone did such a great job with their lines, and we were so impressed with the music.

Below is the head Army Ant (Conner's para-pro, Ms. Green)
with Conner and Carter :)

Field Day~

Mark and I were excited to get a chance to participate in Tealsey's all day field day yesterday.
We were thankful that the weather wasn't to hot and there was no humidity :)
All the kids had an awesome time, and we are blessed to have such an amazing elementary school for Conner to be a part of :)

Conner's class waiting to start one of the relay's

Conner running with the rubber chicken,

passing it off to Nico,

and going again.

The class looking tired and taking a lil break, luckily after this we all got to go eat
some lunch and relax inside with the AC.

After lunch waiting in the gym to climb the big rope wall.
(Layla, Gary, Conner, Colm and Ariel).

Conner starting his climb.
It was so wobbly, we were really impressed that everyone in Conner's class
made it all the way to the top.

At the top!
With cute Gary smiling at the side.

At the very end of the long action packed day everyone got to outside on the playground and enjoy listening and dancing to band from Cuba, while enjoying some Popsicle's.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More randomness :)

Early Father's day gifts for Mark (since school will be out for that holiday).
He got a sweet laminated place mat, a laminated tie, and a hand made
cup made from pottery that was painted and glazed!

My Mother's day hand made cup (I am currently using it as a ring cup in the bathroom),
and a sweet laminated place mat, and a really cute Mother's day card :)

Mark and I going out on a date night!
Conner got to have a sleepover, so we got the entire evening and morning
to ourselves :)
notice the belly growing oh so large...
(it's hard to see at this angle, Conner took this pic).

We have already enjoyed a few awesome days at the pool!
I can imagine us using the pool quite a bit this summer :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Randomness ~

This is Conner's kitty Kelso above. He is so silly sometimes the way he
sits, mark just had to take his picture :)

Conner having waaay to much fun in a giant box.

Mark trying to teach Conner how to roller skate, at his first roller birthday party!

Conner with a couple buds,
and Conner laying poolside catching some sun.
This is pretty much where we plan on spending the entire month of June, or
until lil brother comes :)

As far as how things are going with little baby boy Blackwood: things are going really great!
We kinda have a name, but haven't really made it public just yet (in the off chance that we change our minds). I'm feeling really good, and adjusting to my ever growing tummy :)
We went to the dr.'s today and the little guy is 3.5 pounds! (which seems really big to me), and I'm 30 weeks today! So I definitely feel as ginormous sense of accomplishment. Everything is looking great with all of his measurements and development. We are staying super busy with both Mark and Conner finishing this school year. Mark has his finals this week (I can;t wait for him to finish!), and Conner only has a few weeks left. He has something big going on pretty much all the time up until he's done, so we are busy busy getting everything finished. I definitely feel the fatigue, some days I go to the doctor's and do one load of laundry and I'm ready for the day to be over :)